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AGENARISK Academic Developer (a Single Seat Single Machine license) Modeller API Standard edition includes a single user license for Modeller API for developing models using Java, R or Python and access to the cloud service.


This is a license for a Single User Single Machine (SUSM), for one year only. Licenses can be renewed at the end of the license period.


The cloud service within the Standard edition includes a computational cloud API that executes models developed using modeller, modeller API and a design environment to create and deploy Web Apps to one end user (see our Terms of Service for more information).


The cloud service is hosted by Agena Ltd.


Note to order Academic Modeller API you are required to have a valid academic position (e.g. PhD student, Professor, Lecturer) and to verify this your purchase must be made using a valid academic email address.


Academic licenses cannot be used for commercial purposes. Academic Modeller API (a Single User Single Machine license)

  • License rental is a convenient way to use without the large investment in a perpetual license. Also, it includes free technical support and software maintenance, so you do not need a separate service agreement.

    This Modeller API Standard license is for Single User Single Machine (SUSM) academic annual license, which is tied to one unique user and can only be installed on a single computer and only one instance of Modeller API can be used on that computer.

    You may use the SUSM license on a network or virtual desktop structure provided that you have a licensed copy of Modeller API for each computer that can access modeller-API over a network or virtual desktop environment.

    To use an SUSM license activation and periodic verification via an Internet connection or an offline activation is required.

    The license allows for a transfer of the Modeller software to another machine in the context of hardware replacement or upgrade.

    Your Standard license includes access to the cloud service for the duration of the license period.

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